Dispassionate Coffee

People have a lot to say about their passions for coffee, myself included. Because coffee is indeed an addictive caffeinated beverage and there is plenty of physiological and neuroscientific study to show why our brains and bodies love it, it makes sense that we feel the need to gush about our adoration for a beverage. … Continue reading Dispassionate Coffee

No Homo–It’s An Incorporated Rainbow

Because so much of the world's culture (food, clothes, stuff) is manufactured and distributed by multinational corporations that imperialize with branded consistency across the countries of the globe, it is tempting to think that maybe the world is getting a little flatter, that the planet is deflating a little and ways of eating and dressing … Continue reading No Homo–It’s An Incorporated Rainbow

The Coffeepeople Event: SCAA 2015

Seattle, Take 2 From April 8th-12th the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) held its 27th annual Event, and for the second consecutive year the world's best coffee makers gathered in Seattle. "Make" is a broad term, and the SCAA Event (Expo, lecture sessions, competitive drink preparation) lures producers, processors, exporters, importers, government delegations, trade guilds, … Continue reading The Coffeepeople Event: SCAA 2015

Soundbytes from When Coffee Speaks

“When I was twelve my family had come here [to Cedral] to pick coffee on a man’s farm. I dreamed—we came up here to pick coffee, and I could hear the cows and the calves and everything, because there used to be more dairies. And I dreamed of one day coming back, to be able to hear the cows, to come back here to live. I wanted to live here. I prayed to God that I could live here!

Tired Words

It's already like 10 days into lent; I can't remember how many years it’s been since made a decision and truly gave up something for 40 days. Being in grad school and teaching and coffee-ing simultaneously for the past month has meant that I've been doing more writing than normal. Because I'm writing so much, … Continue reading Tired Words

Destroyed but Not Defeated

A few weeks ago I started a graduate program in English Literature, which admittedly has nothing to do with coffee and everything to do with being allowed to continue to teach in a public school (trying to be a writer and trying not to be homeless is complicated). I wasn’t planning to see any overlap … Continue reading Destroyed but Not Defeated

To Better Understand

Often, questions like, “what’s it like to be an agricultural producer?” are met with descriptive answers, but whose descriptions are rather glossy. When we want to know what it’s like to be the newest edge of an industry very much defined by its traditions, we need more than the superficial to be able to really … Continue reading To Better Understand

Para Entender Mejor

  Preguntas como, “como es ser agricultor?” suelen se encuentran con respuestas descriptivas, pero cuyos descripciones son muy someras. Cuando quisieramos saber como es ser la borde mas nueva de una industria muy marcada por sus tradiciones, necesitamos algo mas que lo superficial. Esta historia de Lukas, uno de mis mejores amigos en Colombia, empieza … Continue reading Para Entender Mejor

The Aliveness of a Fleeting Century

I grew up in New Hampshire, and about the age (3rd grade) that I realized what New Hampshire was, and that there were places that were not New Hampshire, I wanted out. Everything around me seemed very unalive. Stoic granite. Frozen soil. Leafless trees naked for months on end. Small, quiet knots of people who … Continue reading The Aliveness of a Fleeting Century