Southdown: A Place You Want to Be

Southdown: A Place You Want to Be   One of the unexpected benefits of working for an importer is that I’m able to explore coffee shops beyond my normal MTA-bound radius and get to know roasters who are not maybe not the flashiest social media magnates but are busy making great coffee for the people … Continue reading Southdown: A Place You Want to Be

New York Coffee Festival

It's happening. The New York Coffee Festival opens tomorrow, and not only will coffeepeople from New York be representing hard, coffee folks from around the globe will be present to celebrate the thing we all love to love: coffee. Coffee Festival has rocked London and Amsterdam, and it is set to bring its A game … Continue reading New York Coffee Festival

Summer 2014 Coffee Crawl

As soon I knew that I’d be living in Park Slope for two months this summer, I told myself that I’d have to do a Brooklyn-centric NYC coffee crawl. I never anticipated the speed and distance with which I’d crawl, and thus had to abandon the chronology of the blog. (If you’re into temporal linearity … Continue reading Summer 2014 Coffee Crawl

Coffee Mob

Too much time has lapsed in which I’ve been a regular at Brooklyn’s Coffee Mob and have not written a dedicated post about how awesome they are. The shop is located steps from the Newkirk Ave stop on the B/Q trains halfway between Downtown Brooklyn and Coney Island. Coffee Mob is a loud and proud … Continue reading Coffee Mob

The Aliveness of a Fleeting Century

I grew up in New Hampshire, and about the age (3rd grade) that I realized what New Hampshire was, and that there were places that were not New Hampshire, I wanted out. Everything around me seemed very unalive. Stoic granite. Frozen soil. Leafless trees naked for months on end. Small, quiet knots of people who … Continue reading The Aliveness of a Fleeting Century

Gorilla Coffee: K!ng Kong Cup

Gorilla Coffee has its roots in Brooklyn and is continuing to evolve along with the city's cutting edge of coffee trends. Gorilla (its two Park Slope shops as a unit) constituted the first stop on my summer coffee crawl. I was delighted that when I walked into the 5th Ave store the first bag of … Continue reading Gorilla Coffee: K!ng Kong Cup

How to Build a Book

Kind of like coffee, books are all around us and we probably don’t know too much about what goes into making them exist. Printing presses have come a long way since Guttenberg, but even though I sent “When Coffee Speaks” to the printer as a pdf, pages still have to be bound mechanically, which is … Continue reading How to Build a Book

NYC Baristas Speak: 3 Questions with Park Brannen of Counter Culture

3 (plus a bonus) Questions with Park Brannen, Northeast Regional Barista Champion and wholesale support rep with Counter Culture’s NYC crew. Last Friday I attended the 10am public cupping at Counter Culture’s new training lab space at 376 Broome St. Instead of a traditional cupping, they offered the 10 or so attendees a comparative espresso … Continue reading NYC Baristas Speak: 3 Questions with Park Brannen of Counter Culture

NYC Roasters Speak: The King of Queens

  Most NYC roasters are rooted in Brooklyn (all the ones interviewed so far in the NYC Roasters Speak series are). From the Williamsburgers to the Aussies to the New Guard, it seems like everyone is dipping their toes in the Brooklyn coffee roasting pool. But, not everyone in fact is. There are another three million … Continue reading NYC Roasters Speak: The King of Queens

NYC Roasters Speak: The New Guard

Today’s newest guard of NYC coffee roasters is springing up—like battle-ready Athena from the head of Zeus—out of the expertise of yesterday’s new guard. If yesterday’s new guard of convention-defying roasters was Blue Bottle and Intelligentsia (which most coffeepeople would probably agree that it was) then today those guys are the middle guard because the … Continue reading NYC Roasters Speak: The New Guard