Coffee Mob

Cascara tea. Yes and yes.
Cascara tea. Yes and yes.

Too much time has lapsed in which I’ve been a regular at Brooklyn’s Coffee Mob and have not written a dedicated post about how awesome they are. The shop is located steps from the Newkirk Ave stop on the B/Q trains halfway between Downtown Brooklyn and Coney Island.

Coffee Mob is a loud and proud Toby’s Estate wholesale account. They feature every new roast or product coming from Toby’s, and then they add their own flair (think affogato with Van Leeuwen ice cream).

Buck is the owner and Dustin is usually on bar; both gentlemen embody the essence of all original Italian espresso shops; you walk in and feel welcomed by old friends, whether you down a shot and rush out the door, or linger for a morning. If the staff’s coolness weren’t reason enough to hang and chill, the curated selection of spinning vinyl will at least convince you that there are still some places in Brooklyn that are cool just because they are awesome, not because they are trying to out-trend their neighbors.

The space at Coffee Mob is also ideal for making coffee. The high-ceilinged, half-glass design of the corner shop lets you see the barista’s face and the shot being pulled. You can sit at a window table and bask in the sun or at a low bar stool and chat with the management as they prepare you an iced Cascara tea (made from sweet coffee cherry skins: one of this summer’s specialties).

In the summer, everyone in South Brooklyn tends to head to the beaches, leaving the area’s shops and restaurants on the emptier side. If you’re a Manhattanite (or a North Brooklynite) looking for a day of staycationing this August, hop on the B/Q to Newkirk. Stop by Coffee Mob for some stellar coffee and company (and maybe stop for some incredible home cooked Jamaican food at Fisherman’s Cove before you get back on the train). If you think coffee shops are all created equal, it’s time you get crawling and check out life at the Mob.

Follow them for fab Instagram @coffeemob

(I’m also realizing that I have no exterior photos of the shop or shots of the staff themselves…I’m a notoriously bad photog, but I guess that just means I’ll have to go back.)



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