Gorilla Coffee: K!ng Kong Cup

Gorilla Coffee has its roots in Brooklyn and is continuing to evolve along with the city's cutting edge of coffee trends. Gorilla (its two Park Slope shops as a unit) constituted the first stop on my summer coffee crawl. I was delighted that when I walked into the 5th Ave store the first bag of … Continue reading Gorilla Coffee: K!ng Kong Cup

Mutually Supportive

In the previous post in Spanish, I tell the story of arriving on my friend's family farm in the mountains of Antioquia, Colombia and participating in a sort of spontaneous coffee ceremony around using an electric coffee grinder for the first time. In traditional Colombian farming households, coffee growing families would roast leftover coffee (that … Continue reading Mutually Supportive


People become what you tell them they are, and if someone tells people that they live in the land of the Colombian Coffee Landscape World Heritage Site, they will turn around and tell you how great it is that they live in the land of the Colombian Coffee Landscape World Heritage Site, even if they’ve … Continue reading Landscapegoats

Water from Above

In Colombia I’ve spent about as much time in offices as I have out in cafetales. This project very early on evolved from being just about coffee growers to being about coffeepeople; I realized very quickly that coffee work criss crosses all kinds of categories and you can’t talk about someone who does one coffee … Continue reading Water from Above

The Magic Formula

…a magic formula...and an application. The Formula: Back in Juan’s World: Factor 90 and again in Worth I mentioned a “magic formula” that the coops use to determine the price that goes on the board out in front (meaning it’s public and therefore the same for everyone, whereas middlemen never have boards…) which becomes the … Continue reading The Magic Formula


  Coffee pricing anywhere along the line is pretty much guesswork, but comparing numbers up and down the production chain and from place to place gets even more dicey. The reason that all coffee pricing is pretty much guess work is that most of it is loosely based on a convoluted supply/demand market mechanism and … Continue reading Worth

The Lorax Takes His Coffee Iced

Maybe it’s because all the vegetation down here looks Seussical,  but I’m having a Loraxy moment. The reason I support organic agriculture in the name of taking care of the people who produce and eat agricultural goods and not in the name of taking care of the planet is because the planet can take care … Continue reading The Lorax Takes His Coffee Iced

More on Juan

 Life informs art informs life. And media being a form of art, albeit an emotionally and economically charged one, life informs media informs life. And one particularly emotionally and economically charged form of media art is advertising, and thus life informs advertising informs life, and maybe to a degree much greater than we realize.The Juan … Continue reading More on Juan

Juan’s World: Roya, Broca, y Sr. Castillo

Juan’s World: A 5 Part Mini-Series on the Inner Workings of Colombian Coffee Part 5: Roya, Broca, y Sr. Castillo Roya is on the tips of the tongues of everyone who works in coffee. This fast moving leaf rust swept Central America over the past few months causing levels of destruction to cafetales unseen since … Continue reading Juan’s World: Roya, Broca, y Sr. Castillo

Juan’s World: Factor 90

Juan's World: A 5 Part series on the inner workings of Colombian coffee Part 4: Factor 90 When coffee speaks it says, “you have no idea what I’m worth.” When you buy a cup of coffee the number of things that purchase has to pay for are pretty numerous and diverse. People more numerically inclined … Continue reading Juan’s World: Factor 90