Kickstart “When Coffee Speaks”

Kickstarter campaign ends September 1!
Kickstarter campaign ends September 1!

It’s alive. Now through September 1st I’m running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money necessary to self publish a short “sample run” of When Coffee Speaks.

When I interviewed people in my travels, I told them that they would each receive a copy of the book. When you advance order your copy you can also donate a copy to one of these interviewees.

I’ll be returning to Latin America this fall in order to attend several coffee events and to share the book with people at those events, but more importantly to distribute copies to the people who shared their stories with me.

It’s a tight timeline, I’ve got a lot to do, and I can’t do it alone! I wish I could just pay for this whole thing out of pocket, but since I can’t, I’m confident that there is enough interest from readers around the world to make this small self publishing run happen.

In the future I’m hoping to pursue more traditional publishing avenues, but for now I’ve got birthdays to attend, baby coffee plants to check up on, and people eagerly awaiting to see their words in print.

If you (or your organization, nonprofit, or business) donates $1,000 or more your name will appear on a “Made Possible in Part by” page at the front of the book. So there could be something in this for you…

The support I’ve already received in the form of comments, emails, “likes,” and follows has carried me through a lot of dark jungle places. But I have to pay the publisher in US dollars.

View completed When Coffee Speaks Kickstarter campaign



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