Ships in the Night

I’ve been having a lot of Reading Rainbow moments lately; there’s lots going on in Latin America and in coffee, but you don’t have to take my word for it.

Victor Gennaro has 8 days to raise the remaining $20,000 necessary to fund his project, Year of the Sun, to film a documentary centering around conversations with youth across the Americas about culture, globalization, and the shape of the future. Not everyone can fund their trip by teaching summer school, selling their furniture, and subsisting on rice alone. Help him out.

A Peace Corp volunteer from Chicago has been hard at work in Bahia Ballena, near Bocas del Toro, in Panama since last April, working with the indigenous Ngöbe community to combat the overwhelming broca infestation throughout their Robusta coffee farms. Sale of Robusta coffee is pretty much the only income for this community, and the goal is to eliminate (or at least control) the destructive bug without having to rip out and replant the entire expanse of farms.

Read about his work.

These bottom up projects, in addition to the top down initiatives mentioned in the articles I posted yesterday, are just a sliver of the things going on in the Central American coffee belt that influence the cost and manner of arrival of coffee to your cup.

Maybe I’ll have the pleasure of collaborating in person with these or other such innovative and important projects. Or maybe we’ll just carry on our journeys independently, knowing the others are there. Like ships in the night.


What are you thinking?

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