The book: “When Coffee Speaks”

Printer's proof
Printer’s proof

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Back cover reads:

Whatever your sentiments towards or knowledge of coffee, the stories coffee has to tell are surprising, intriguing, and always human. Part travelogue meets anthropological field notes, part industry review meets food sourcing exposé, When Coffee Speaks is a collection of interviews with all kinds of coffeepeople in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia. 

I gave up coffee and all caffeine years ago, but I still love this book! I may not know my Caturra from my Catuai, but I do know something about North-South relations, and this book contains so many insights about the ways forward for international solidarity that it should be widely read by all concerned about the future of Latin America and the Global South. –Matt Meyer, author and editor, We Have Not Been Moved: Resisting Racism and Militarism in 21st Century America (2012)

What a great idea!  You’re in your mid-20s and off you go to tour coffee fincas in Latin America and to listen to the hard-working farmers.  Now readers can share in Rachel Northrop’s adventure and learn about the joys and challenges of growing the beans that go into their morning cup.  I hope this book inspires others to go to coffee origins themselves. –Mark Pendergrast, author of Uncommon Grounds:  The History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World

Such passion for coffee is mainly found in people that have been born and raised as coffee farmers or are the third generation in the industry. I congratulate Rachel in her work, and the next time she comes to pick coffee at my farm, I’ll expect her to do it a bit faster! –Wilford Lamastus, Panamanian Specialty Coffee Grower, Processor and Vendor

Order your copy online and have When Coffee Speaks shipped to you anywhere in the world!  Sink your teeth into 432 pages of stories from and of over 60 coffee people, tales of travel, survival, success, and narratives of place. Coffee’s got a lot to say!

All 90+ blog posts from my research travels are still live online; you can even go all the way back to the beginning…


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