Rachel’s contributions to Tea & Coffee Trade Journal

June’s SCAA 2014 Wrap Up p. 8

Think Coffee Charts New Territory p. 10

May’s Best of Panama p. 12

Some Like It Hot: Roasting Technologies and Techniques p. 34

Brazilian Drought & Heat Wave Cause Global Concern p. 46

April’s Grown in the USA p. 20-21

Using Climate Data to Strategize p. 42

March’s Investigation and Integration in Panama, p. 17-18

Certifying Organizations: Projects, Progress and Products, p. 38-44

Feb '14 TCTJ cover

February’s Cover Story Roasting Revival in the City that Never Sleeps p. 18

January’s Dispatches from the Fields: Costa Rica p. 14-15

Employing Genetics as a Coffee Development Tool p. 54-57

December’s Sintercafe 2013 Summary p. 12

November’s Dispatches from the Fields: Nicaragua p.19-20

T&CTJ Oct cover

October’s Cover Story: Central America: Subsistence, Resistance, and Opportunity on the Coffee Isthmus p. 20

see also Fairtrade Producer Profile p. 36

and Traducciones en español p. 40

August’s Dispatches from the Fields: La Meseta Colombia p. 13

July’s Dispatches from the Fields: Caldas p. 14

June’s Dispatches from the Fields: Colombia p. 14

Updates from Cenicafe p. 15

May’s Dispatches from the Fields: Colombia p. 16 

April’s Cover Story: Ins and Outs of Organics: Demystifying Production p.32

see also Dispaches from the Field: Boquete, Panama p. 26

T & C April Cover

March’s Cover story: To Certify or Not to Certify, p. 22

see also Disbatches from the Field: Panama, p. 18

March TC

February’s Processing: An Art and a Science, p.12

Disbatches from the Field: Costa Rica, p. 14

January’s  From the Fields… p. 12

December’s  Sintercafe: Epicenter of Int’l Diversity, p. 11

Passion Meets Science at ASIC, p.12

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