Links to interviewee’s companies and organizations

Links to companies and organizations mentioned in the pages of When Coffee Speaks: Stories from and of Latin American Coffeepeople

Elias de Melo (p. 37): CATIE (Center for Tropical Agriculture Research and Higher Ed)

Marie Tournon (p. 56): Finca Monte Claro and Beneficio Naturalba

Luis Angel (p. 77): Saplings (non-profit working in his community of La Potenciana)

Guido Vargas (p. 87): Coopeatenas and ICAFE

Jose Navarro (p. 99): ECOM SMS

Henry Hueck (p. 107): Ramacafe

Maria Rizo (p. 115) and Santiago Dolmus (p. 118): CEOCAFEN

Roberto Mata (p. 147) Fernanda (p. 149) Miguel Badilla (p. 151) Susy (p. 165): Coopedota

Minor Hernandez (p. 162): Heart of Gold 

Esteban Sanchez (p. 168): La Candelilla 

Javier Meza (p. 171): Micro Beneficio La Cabaña and Mutute: Cafe Boutique Tarrazú

Alejandro Garcia (p. 177): Thr!ve Farmers International 

Franciso Mena (p. 181): Exclusive Coffee

Alan, Ratibor, and Alex Hartmann (p. 193): Finca Hartmann

Don Villa (p. 202) and Orlando (p. 205): APRE

Haydee San Miguel Janson (p. 207): Janson Family Coffee

Ricardo Koyner (p. 217): Kotowa Coffee

Don Tito (p. 226): Cafetales Don Alfredo at Finca La Milagrosa

Wilford Lamastus (p. 233): Finca Elida and Bajareque Coffee House

Graciano Cruz (p. 238): HiU Coffee

Lucas Kardonski (p. 240): TéCafé Panama

Arturo (p. 265): Solidaridad

Leon Bedoya (p. 268): Cooperandes

Gladys and Alirio (p. 275): Coocafisa

Jaime Mosquera (p. 307): Cenicafe and Buencafe

David and Albello (p. 312): Fundación Manuel Mejia

Gloria Muñoz (p. 319): Companía Cafetera La Meseta

Miller Olaya (p. 339): Grupo Asociativo San Isidro

If you would like contact information for interviewees who do not have websites, please post a comment on the Contact page and it will be emailed to me (Rachel).

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