1. I just discovered your blog and love it! i just started mine but feel very identified with yours! I am from Spain and not getting the exact translation of a word is something I really know what is like! Please feel free to look at my newly blog!

  2. Hi Rachel,

    The other day I found myself standing at the front counter of a hostel in Turrialba, Costa Rica. They didn’t have any room but they did have your book which I had been staring at since walking through the front door. They said you had personally dropped it off months before. I recently finished working on a coffee farm in Tarrazu, near San Marcos, with two coffee farmers who had just completed their own micro-mill. I got to witness the first truck load of coffee processed at their mill and see it through the entire way. I learned not only what factors on the farm contribute to a good cup of coffee, but also the socio-economic effects of coffee-drinking cultures on those who produce it.

    The voice of these two coffee farmers, Manuel and Carlos, echoed through my consciousness during my stay with them. As we worked together we talked about their lives and their difficulties relying on a crop that can barely sustain their families. I was truly inspired and an old passion of mine in coffee grew again into something bigger than before. I had worked as a barista in Southern California for five years and knew how to appreciate a good cup of coffee, but now I feel led to jump into the coffee industry and be apart of buying and selling green coffee at fair prices established by the farmers.

    Anyway, I will be traveling for another four months but I plan to buy your book when I return home. I need something like that to remind me of my own experience with the people on the other side of the cup. But also I wanted to inquire what direction you should go now that you’ve finished your book. Do you wish to continue working in coffee?

    Your book is truly unique and an amazing contribution to the coffee literature out there. Thank you.


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