(Urban) Jungle to (Jungle) Jungle

If New York City were in the tropics, all Starbucks would open onto hillsides filled with coffee, and patrons would wait on line in the shade while employees wore baskets instead of aprons and picked coffee cherries from the trees, shelled, roasted and ground them daily to make lattes. The sugar would come from the … Continue reading (Urban) Jungle to (Jungle) Jungle

Pura Montaña

But back to the farm. After we’d toured the rows of coffee and the sugarcane planted above, Geraldo still felt like he hadn’t shown me anything worth seeing, so he offered to take me up to the top of the mountain to a cow pasture that looked down onto the town where we’d all gone … Continue reading Pura Montaña

Relevance is Relative

Last Sunday I hitched a ride and took two buses to a see the locals play a futbol game in the “nearby” town of Las Colonias. I was invited by Maira, a girl who works on the farm and lives in the (even tinier village of Jimenez) next to Esperanza, to watch her dad and … Continue reading Relevance is Relative

Everyone has a story

To ask someone to share stories of their life is a lot to ask, and it takes some semblance of trust. I mentioned that respect often takes years to cultivate (like a healthy coffee plant perhaps?), and trust often just as long. Because this investigative year abroad is aiming for breadth as much as depth, … Continue reading Everyone has a story