About that $18 Cup of Coffee

About that $18 cup of coffee in Brooklyn that went viral. What’s up with it? Why does it cost $18 and why did everyone have something to say about it? Let's break this down. 0. This coffee is not actually available yet. When it is, it will cost $18/cup. Two weeks ago, Alpha Dominche, a … Continue reading About that $18 Cup of Coffee

Southdown: A Place You Want to Be

Southdown: A Place You Want to Be   One of the unexpected benefits of working for an importer is that I’m able to explore coffee shops beyond my normal MTA-bound radius and get to know roasters who are not maybe not the flashiest social media magnates but are busy making great coffee for the people … Continue reading Southdown: A Place You Want to Be

New York Coffee Festival

It's happening. The New York Coffee Festival opens tomorrow, and not only will coffeepeople from New York be representing hard, coffee folks from around the globe will be present to celebrate the thing we all love to love: coffee. Coffee Festival has rocked London and Amsterdam, and it is set to bring its A game … Continue reading New York Coffee Festival

“When Coffee Speaks” Book Release Party!

Come celebrate the stories of Latin American coffeepeople Wednesday, November 6th from 6-10pm at Nimba Cafe in Brooklyn! Get your copy hot off the press. All books were printed with McNally Jackson right here in the USA. The stories are global, but the printing is local. There will be books for sale for $20 ($4 … Continue reading “When Coffee Speaks” Book Release Party!