Realigning All the Empathy

These days, everyone seems to be talking about empathy--how to feel more of it, what to do with it, and why it will make America united again. While empathetic declarations come from a well-intentioned place, there is a slight flaw in our current empathetic effusiveness; the overuse and often misuse of the word is diluting … Continue reading Realigning All the Empathy

About that $18 Cup of Coffee

About that $18 cup of coffee in Brooklyn that went viral. What’s up with it? Why does it cost $18 and why did everyone have something to say about it? Let's break this down. 0. This coffee is not actually available yet. When it is, it will cost $18/cup. Two weeks ago, Alpha Dominche, a … Continue reading About that $18 Cup of Coffee

When America Speaks

Something incredible happened yesterday.  -  Without any centralized organization, millions of people around the world took to the streets to peacefully and nonviolently voice their concerns about the disparaging rhetoric issuing from the mouth of the man holding America's highest office and to advocate for basic decency and informed policy making that addresses the needs … Continue reading When America Speaks

The Importance of Inefficiency and the Danger of Detail

  Specialty coffee is overwhelmingly inefficient. This inefficiency might be the one unilateral criterion that makes certain coffee special and also the one unilateral virtue—or opportunity for positive impact—that circumscribes specialty coffee as a category. Between 275-320 bags (total varies depending on country of export and their standard bag weight) of coffee are packed into … Continue reading The Importance of Inefficiency and the Danger of Detail

Southdown: A Place You Want to Be

Southdown: A Place You Want to Be   One of the unexpected benefits of working for an importer is that I’m able to explore coffee shops beyond my normal MTA-bound radius and get to know roasters who are not maybe not the flashiest social media magnates but are busy making great coffee for the people … Continue reading Southdown: A Place You Want to Be

Dispassionate Coffee

People have a lot to say about their passions for coffee, myself included. Because coffee is indeed an addictive caffeinated beverage and there is plenty of physiological and neuroscientific study to show why our brains and bodies love it, it makes sense that we feel the need to gush about our adoration for a beverage. … Continue reading Dispassionate Coffee

Fat Neighbors

Some people have more money, resources, good looks, connections, and formative educational training than others. That’s life. In the case of coffee, life’s inherent unfairness doesn’t have to be a bad thing and it doesn’t take a mammoth international organization like Fairtrade to help restore some balance to life’s inherently imbalanced scales; it just takes … Continue reading Fat Neighbors

New York Coffee Festival

It's happening. The New York Coffee Festival opens tomorrow, and not only will coffeepeople from New York be representing hard, coffee folks from around the globe will be present to celebrate the thing we all love to love: coffee. Coffee Festival has rocked London and Amsterdam, and it is set to bring its A game … Continue reading New York Coffee Festival

Celebrate the Good

Coffee, like everything else, is not perfect. Coffee regularly gets negative press of being exploitive on one end and elitist on the other. (For some thoughts on the complexities of making trade fair, see my second guest post for Angels' Cup.) It's nice to take a moment to recognize that coffee is also very inclusive … Continue reading Celebrate the Good